This page is dedicated to Gantz Sagas, one of our most worked on projects.
We also have commentaries for those interested in how we worked on these episodes.


  • HN5353 - Kurono, Kishimoto (episodes 2 - 4), James Brown, Hobo, Old Man, The Old Lady (Nishi's Grandmother), News Reporter (episode 2), Gay Guys (episode 3, episode 4), Italian Guy, Black Guy (episode 4), & Narrator.
  • VegetaSasuke0 - Kato, Kishimoto (episode 5), Nishi, Hojo, Tetsuo, Kato's Brother, Male Teacher, Old Man (episode 2), The Dicks Alien (Green Alien), & Gantz Ball,
  • LightofHope18 (Mochidzuki) - Female Teacher (episode 1).
  • IncendiaryScorpion - Bird Robot/Aliens.
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