This page is dedicated to the videos that belong to The Sagas Council, yet don't really separate pages dedicated to them.
This is a collection of some of our discussion videos, they have since been removed from Youtube so they will be reuploaded from another site.
 This is our series known as "Alphabet Soup With The Sagas Council" where we pull from a hat & discuss about the topic that was pulled out.
This playlist is a collection of interviews we had done from 2009 - 2011.

 This is Inuyasha Sagas.


  • VegetaSasuke0 - Miroku,Koga,Seshomaru, Naraku,& Byakuya.
  • IamKitsumi - Inuyasha, Soata, Kaede, & Kagome's Grandfather. [All from episode 1].
  • lightofhope18 (Mochidzuki) - Kagome, Kagome's Mother, & Kikyo. [All from episode 1]
  • SoulReaperHikuru - Inuyasha (Episode 2).
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