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Our first project known as DBZAR.


  • VegetaSasuke0 (Credited as RockLee5001) - Chi-Chi, Gohan, Master Roshi, Yamcha, Vegeta, & Broly.
  • HN5353 (Credited as Goku10114HJ) - Editor (Episode 2), Goku, Raditz, Farmer with Shotgun (Episode 1), Bulma, & Krillin.
  • Qukai000 - Piccolo.
  • DaimoPiccolo - Editor (Episode 1)
This is a playlist for HN5353's Naruto parody, known as Naruto AF. All voices done by HN5353 (Credited as Goku10114HJ).
This is a playlist for our other Dragon Ball Z Parodies. Voice cast varies on each parody, but are mostly voiced by HN5353 & VegetaSasuke0.
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