Our production is pretty simple, we edit with whatever we can, mostly Sony Vegas which varies from 8 to 10, for audio we mostly use Audacity, though some of us use Adobe Audition for certain things just in case we can't get what we want out of Audacity. For ripping & converting video footage for our videos, we rely on Format Factory 2.96, & if we can't get what we need out of that we will sometimes resort to using either AoA DVD Ripper, or handbrake, which can be just as helpful. Sometimes if we feel the video size will be a bit too big, we will compress the videos with FVD Studio.

When it comes to the editing process, VegetaSasuke0 is the usual editor of the group, but on occasions there will be videos that are edited by SoulReaperHikuru.

 For our scripting process, we mostly enjoy watching the original series, then we will decide to watch other abridged series' or parodies & decide to "not do" anything that they did, in this case it would be a form of research just in case we came up with similar ideas to them, one noticeable time we had not done this was with DBZAR episode 1 where there were similar jokes such as calling Raditz "Sonic the Hedgehog" & with calling Piccolo a "Yoshi". We want to be 100% as creative as possible, as well as keep away from any particular format that has already been laid out for anyone to follow.

When it comes to scripting, it is VegetaSasuke0 who sits down with HN5353, where they go through the process, with occasional involvement with SoulReaperHikuru, where they ask for questions or comments on whether or not either the jokes are good, or if any of it would be offensive to the audience.

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