The Sagas Council started in late 2007 as a group of people who loved anime & were introduced to a community of people who did things called an abridged series, back then abridging was at it's prime, with lots of content to choose from, we later decided that we wanted to make a new style of parody, based on abridged series', but then became something different through the backlash from the abridged community. From that point on, we had started to distance ourselves form that specific style of comedy (fart jokes, etc), & started focusing on the parodies' stories, Members of The Sagas Council include VegetaSasuke0, HN5353, & SoulReaperHikuru.

The abridged community doesn't consider Sagas to be a parody series, much like abridging, there are many other variants of synonyms for parody that they use, obviously the main one is "abridging" or "abridged", but they tend to also use "abridgement" or known for PurpleEyesWTF with his version known simply as "Ment", & Semisoma1/TheAzureCrow with simply "Satire" in the form of satire comedy. Us here at The Sagas Council use Sagas as such a term because of it's description of "telling a tale with exaggerated elements thrown into the story" which is exactly what we do.

We even have an encyclopedia dramatica page! Link is here. We also have a troll page on an abridged wikia here.

Over the years us, The Sagas Council have made a huge list of enemies (though mostly from the "Abridging Is Dead" era), these people include:

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